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Instrument Try-Out Night

Instrument Try-Out Night

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Parkview Middle School

(Enter the back doors of the middle school—Door #9)

On this night, students will “test-drive‟ the instruments they are interested in learning!  The band teacher will be available to meet and answer any questions you may have.  Representatives from Conrad Music Service will be present to assist with instruments and filling out paperwork for rentals, as well as answer any questions about the rental process.

This link will take you to the full Parkview Band website with loads of information about the program!

You and your student may have many questions about this important decision, including “Why be in band?”  There are many reasons you should consider instrumental music as a valuable part of your student’s education, including…

1) Scholarship

Research shows that the study of music can –

  • Improve reading and math performance
  • Develop quick and decisive thinking
  • Enhance higher brain function
  • Lead to increased test scores

2)  Friendships

Band is a unique program that brings together students of all interests.  The friendships your student will make in band include kids who also participate in sports, student council, yearbook—you name it!  Because band students work as a team, friendships are based on important values such as trust, cooperation, and unity.

3)   Experiences

Beyond the confidence that a music education instills, band also educates students about valuable life lessons such as

  • Character development
  • Team building
  • Competing gracefully
  • Expectations of excellence
  • Appreciation for the arts

Questions?  Contact Mr. Scroggins

(812) 288-4844 ext. 318

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